Interview Coaching

Through her media coaching company, MEDIA/MARK, Kip Kirby has taught countless entertainers how to master the techniques and skills necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced, interview-driven industry.

MEDIA/MARK’s customized coaching programs are formulated to help performers deliver dynamic performances in any interview scenario, and are designed to be a valuable support tool for all media, marketing and publicity campaigns. 

Artists learn how to prepare for and control their interviews, handle difficult questions, develop a dynamic on-camera presence, and overcome nervousness.  

Most importantly, they learn how to make press and media work for them, so that they get their message across clearly, concisely and engagingly -- no matter what the interview scenario might be.

Media and Public Speaking Training
Ever wonder why . . .
  • Some artists sail through their interviews with ease, while other artists struggle uncomfortably?
  • Some performers seem right at home in the glare of television lights, while others can barely look at a camera?
  • Some celebrities always come up with the right thing to say, while others often fail to say the right thing?
  • Some speakers are totally comfortable in front of the microphone  no matter how large the audience, while others fall apart if asked to give a speech or make a presentation -- even to a small group?

The truth is, there’s an art to doing media! 
And there's an art to doing interviews and public speaking. But it takes training...
Professional media training.

Communication Skills Training

Public speaking - It’s everyone’s worst nightmare.
Yet the ability to speak clearly and dynamically has never been more important.

MEDIA/MARK works with professional clients to enhance their public speaking and presentational skills.  

Kip has taught executives at all levels of business how to communicate clearly and confidently – and get their message across with impact.
Whether one on one or in a group setting, Kip helps clients develop their confidence, overcome nerves, polish their presentational skills and speech writing abilities, and maximize their communication and delivery techniques.

She also specializes in crisis control management and writing speeches. Read more about Kip's media training program in: